Father's Day Gift Ideas that Never Fold

Shuffle up and deal For those of you who have a father that is a poker player, you probably wish that you had a dime for every time you've heard that statement. The good thing is that your father's obsession should make Father's Day shopping much easier. Here are four ideas for Father's Day that poker enthusiasts should enjoy.

If your father conducts a regular home poker game, a poker chip set would be a great gift. A poker chip set should include four things: a deck of cards, a dealer button, some type of carrying case, and the chips themselves. It is a good idea to get a set of at least 300 chips. You will find sets that are smaller, but they will not accommodate more than three or four players. There are many types of chip sets ranging from $10 to $50 that would give his home game more of a professional feel, and would allow his players to enjoy the game more.

Does your father enjoy reading? If so, you may want to grab him a copy of Super System or Super System 2. Super System is a collaborative book by Doyle Brunson that covers all the different variants of poker that you will find played in most modern casinos and online poker rooms. Legends of the game such as David Sklansky, Daniel Negreanu, Bobby Baldwin, and Brunson himself share their insight and knowledge on how to improve your poker game. Super System and Super System 2 can be found in most bookstores and usually sells for around $20.

Most sport fans know that Sports Illustrated is one of the premier magazines for sports fans. Did you know that poker has its own version of SI? It is called Card Player magazine. Card Player covers poker throughout the world and brings not only news, but also strategy articles to help improve poker players' game. Card Player is published bi-weekly and a one year subscription is only $19.95.

If your father is like most poker players, then he probably enjoys watching poker on television. He probably tunes in to all the poker shows and watches them religiously. Why not add some poker DVDs to his collection? Most seasons of the World Poker Tour are currently available on DVD for $30 or less. In addition, there are many poker instructional videos that teach players of all skill levels how to improve their game. If your father is more of a movie person, grab him a copy of Rounders or even the new poker mockumentary, The Grand.

Poker is a fun and challenging game that can be played by anybody regardless of age, sex, or handicap. For most players, poker is all about fun and having a good time. Not everyone is going to be a professional poker player and most don't want to be. Encourage your dad's obsession next Father's Day and hopefully you will see him start dragging in more pots.